Welcome to the Vellekoop family photo gallery/video home page. This page is a portal to the many pictures taken through the years of the family of our daughter Becky and son-in-law Nate on there visits to California. It is always amazing to see the growth over time both in numbers as well as age.



2015-16 Visit

This gallery is a collection of memories from the Vellekoop family visit of Dec 8,2015- April 7, 2016. Enjoy!

2015 Visit

This gallery contains pictures from the Vellekoop family visit (Feb 26-April 8, 2015. This was Matthew's first trip to California.

2014 Visit

This is a video of the Vellekoop visit Feb-April of 2014. This visit was Sara's first trip to California. Enjoy!

2012-13 Visit

This gallery contains photos from Gioia's first vivit to California in Dec of 2012. The family was here for Christmas before returning back to Holland on Jan 14th 2013. Enjoy the memories.





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